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GAL Magne-C 200g magnesium ascorbate (100 doses)

GAL Magne-C Magnesium Ascorbate

New generation magnesium with the power of vitamin C „fully reacted”

Naturally, we only use the fully reacted type of each substance, thus magnesium also.


  • It may improve muscle/sports performance
  • It might prevent muscle cramps
  • It may increase muscle regeneration
  • It may promote immune functions
  • It may counteract calcification (calcium deposition)
  • It might support cardiac muscles
  • It might be significant effects against stress
  • It may improve sleep
  • It may help to have clearer thinking and more energy

Vitamin C:

  • It might increase collagen production
  • It might prevent muscle injuries
  • It may improve blood circulation
  • It may boost the immune system
  • In high dosage: it might have antiviral effects
  • It might have an invigorating effect
  • It may effect the acidification of urine

Recommended consumption for adults: 1 level teaspoon (2 g) dissolved in liquid. For children: proportional to body weight.

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