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GAL Multivitamin

GAL Multivitamin

GAL Multivitamin

(Water-soluble ingredients in two smaller capsules instead of the former 1 large capsule which fosters the complete relaxation of the digestive system.)

We developed our GAL Multivitaminl® product in light of the latest research, bearing in mind the need for it to be natural and life-like, that it should contain every vitamin, mineral and trace element in ideal form, amount and proportion, not deviating from how we would obtain all these following a steady, nutrient-rich, varied diet. Where beneficial, the vitamins and minerals partly come from organically farmed medical herbs and spice extracts. In terms of amounts, we deemed it important all along that the daily intake must contain the dosage found effective but on no account should it exceed realistic amounts, i.e. the amount that could be covered by nutrition. In addition, it’s extremely important that nothing that doesn’t belong there is underfoot. No trace of such thing will you find in our product.

Suggestion for use:
All four capsules can be taken together with any main meal. However, we recommend taking them in the morning or during the day rather than in the evening. If you want to maximize utilization, and/or your stomach is sensitive, take the white capsule on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after any meal, one yellow capsule during the first main meal and one during the second. The soft gelatin oil capsules can be taken with any main meal, but it’s best to take it with a high-fat, non-evening meal.

We suggest optional supplementation if you don’t consume saltwater fish/seafood 1-2 times weekly: take GAL Omega-3 Eco. If your diet is not rich in magnesium (doesn’t contain game, squid or octopus, molluscs, leafy greens, quinoa, or pumpkin in large quantities daily), take additional good quality magnesium; we offer three different types.

Or in such cases simply switch to GAL+ Multivitamin, which contains these as well, among other things. Regarding choline, for further reading and to see your individual needs visit

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