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Is It Worth taking Calcium along with Magnesium?

18/10/2021 09:29
Bence Gal Szabo

Is It Worth taking Calcium along with Magnesium?


Taking Calcium is generally not recommended, Calcium impairs the bioavailability of Magnesium. In fact, Calcium slightly impairs the bioavailability of all minerals. Consequently, Calcium is not required in any case as a supplement, given that it is available through the consumption of meat, vegetables, seeds and wholesome foods along with their other natural content of vitamins and minerals.

The consumption of dairy products and bone soups can very easily oversupply one’s Calcium requirement. In reality, if vitamin K2 levels, D3 levels are okay, maybe even aligned with magnesium, this is sufficient and the taking of additional Calcium is completely unnecessary, because, wholesome food intake is all that is required. Additional intake of Calcium products can in fact be harmful. Thus, if the K2, K1 and D3 levels are OK, they will be absorbed and utilized properly within the body, whilst, if this is not the case, calcium will only be deposited on the vessel wall and cause calcifications in the soft tissues, so calcium can only harm, it can never be useful. So! The taking of Calcium should be avoided.

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