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01/05/2021 09:08
Arthur Agatston
Myths and Facts about Cholesterol

High cholesterol is widely recognized as a risk factor for heart disease. What might come as a surprise to many people is that cholesterol is also essential to health — for every cell in the body, and for many of the processes our bodies carry out faithfully and silently each day. Why does the human body need cholesterol to stay in good health?

Cholesterol is vital to human health because every cell membrane in the body, including those in the brain, nerves, muscles, skin, liver, intestines, and heart, is made from it. Furthermore, all of the steroid hormones in your body, including the sex and adrenal hormones, are synthesized from cholesterol.

28/08/2020 10:58
Bence Gal Szabo

What are the effects of Magnesium?

• Improves muscle/sports performance
• prevents muscle cramps
• increases muscle regeneration
• promotes immune functions
• counteracts calcification (calcium deposition)
• supports cardiac muscles
• significant effects against stress
• better sleep
• clearer thinking
• days full of more energy

Magnesium is a particularly important mineral, which is difficult to supply in a sufficient amount through our diet. 

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