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GAL Bimuno® flora fiber complex 150 g (60 doses)

GAL Bimuno Fiber Complex

Digestion/intestinal system

  • Studies have shown that the gut flora measurably may improve within 1 week (the number of Bifidobacteria increases significantly).
  • It not only could increase the number of “good” bacteria but also could decrease that of “bad” bacteria.
  • It is the prebiotic that causes the least bloating; it is not a FODMAP, and can be used in case of SIBO, unlike other prebiotics.
  • It could help prevent sickness during travelling and intestinal infections when travelling abroad.
  • Over time, it may help decrease susceptibility to constipation and/or diarrhea.
  • It could improve the gut flora of IBS patients and decreases their symptoms.

Recommended consumption for adults: 1 or 2 teaspoons (2.5-5 g) per day, dissolved in liquid. For children: proportional to body weight. It is best to consume these at least half an hour before eating or at least 2 hours after eating. In the Bimuno® Flora Fiber Complex, Bimuno® is mixed with a small amount of micronised bamboo fibres for easier consumption, which is also a good complimentary substance for Bimuno®: bamboo fiber is a “non-scratching”, gentle, non-fermenting, non-probiotic fiber.

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