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GAL Glycine 500g, (healthy sweetener as well)

GAL Glycine 500g
  • It may reduce wrinkles
  • It might improve hepatic and renal function
  • It may improve the quality of sleep
  • It may balance the ratio of amino acids, absorbed into the blood

Recommended consumption: Dissolve 1 heaped teaspoon of the product in 100 or 200 ml lukewarm liquid (e.g. in water) and drink it slowly in sips.

Alternatively, take directly from the spoon. It is also recommended to consume a small amount (1 level teaspoon or coffee spoon) after meals if your meal lacked collagen type proteins. This ensures the glycine taken after a meal helps to balance the ratio of amino acids consumed with your food. It can be mixed into coffee or any other liquid or can be baked into a cake. It has a pleasant, sweet taste without any aftertaste.

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