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GAL Omega-3 Eco, Natural fish oil concentrate (60 doses)

GAL Omega-3 Eco

60 doses x 700 mg Ω3 (350 mg EPA / 250 mg DHA / 100 mg DPA)

Brain and nervous system

  • It may decrease depression, aggression, irritability and bad mood
  • It might promote learning processes 
  • It may help brain development, especially in the case of appropriate intake during pregnancy and childhood
  • It may improve the cardiovascular system
  • It may help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels
  • It might regulate cardiac rhythm and the level of cholesterol
  • It may decrease the risk of thrombosis, stroke and infarction, just as triglyceride and blood pressure levels


  • It could help prevent the developing macular degeneration (AMD) and dry eye syndrome
  • It might be beneficial for the capillary vessels of the eye
  • Due to its strong anti-inflammatory effect, it might be effective against rheumatic arthritis
  • It may help maintain the health and shine of hair and skin
  • The telomere that protects the ends of the DNA-strand is shortening more slowly in people with high blood levels of EPA and DHA, which is currently the most accurate marker of life expectancy

Recommended consumption for adults:1 capsule per day with meal.

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