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GAL Fish Collagen Peptides 150g (30 doses)

GAL Fish Collagen Peptides 150g (30 doses)

For our marine collagen, we have chosen the French fish collagen Naticol®, the most pre-digested version of it, where the average size of the peptides is already below 2000 Daltons, so it is utilized quickly and completely. Another important difference is that this collagen is Neu5Gc-free, so it is also recommended for those on a strict autoimmune diet who avoid mammalian foods because of their Neu5Gc content (collagens are mostly made from pig or cowhide). It contains more glycine compared to porcine and bovine collagen.

GAL Fish Collagen Peptides

Our other organs are mostly made up of these proteins. So far 28 types of collagen proteins are identified. However, 90% of collagens that constitute our body belongs to one single type, type I collagen.


Recommended Dosage:

Consumption suggestion: Although 2.5g per day is effective, it is better to consume 5-10g per day. There may be more, but it won’t have much more of an impact. Above 10g is especially worthwhile if you want to increase your protein intake from a healthier source (the special feature of collagen proteins is that they are free/poor in amino acids that promote disease and ageing). 
It is best consumed with breakfast and/or before going to bed. You can mix it into any kind of liquid, even into a hot soup. Its taste can be easily masked: a tasty drink can be made by mixing the product into warm water, milk or coconut milk, sweetened, flavoured with vanilla. It tastes even better if you add cereals or sliced/blended bananas. A great way to start your day in the morning.

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