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GAL Collagen Peptides 300g (30 doses)

GAL Collagen Peptides

The most absorbable form of collagen is peptides which are ten times higher than regular collagen. Type 1 collagen.

Collagen supplements good for

Skin and hair

  • It may decrease the depth of larger wrinkles and help remove small wrinkles                        
  • It may increase hydration and firmness of the skin                                                                    
  • Increases levels of collagen and elastin in the skin, providing   greater  elasticity        
  • It might increase the measured level of haemoglobin in the skin, resulting, in better microcirculation
  • It may reduce facial sebum and thus reduces the occurrence and  severity of acne
  • It may enhance and speed hair growth resulting in thicker and  stronger hair                           
  • It might reduce seborrhea (greasiness of hair) and decrease  dandruff                                     
  • It might reduce androgenic thinning and hair loss (in both men and women)                 


  • It may reduce joint pain                                                                                                            
  • It may increase the efficacy of sleep (due to its glycine content)                                               
  • It might increase learning abilities, memory and recall functions without stimulation (glycine)         
  • Recent studies indicate it might increase in the production of new neural cells in the cerebrum   
  • It may help to decrease appetite by balancing the hormones produced in the digestive system
  • It might improve peripheral blood circulation (scalp and fingers)

Recommended consumption for adults: 10g (1 heaped tablespoon.) 1 or two times per day. It is best consumed with breakfast and/or before going to bed. It can be mixed into any kind of liquid, even into a hot soup. Its taste can be easily masked. A tasty drink can be made by mixing the product into warm water, milk or coconut milk, sweetened or flavoured with vanilla.

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