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GAL Choline salt drops

GAL Choline salt drops

GAL Choline salt drops 100ml 

GAL Choline salt drops food supplement Our product is mainly recommended to those consuming little egg yolk and liver. Daily recommended choline intake is a minimum of 400 mg for adults, even according to EFSA. 1 egg yolk contains 100 to 150 mg, whereas 100 g liver contains 200 to 450 mg of choline. Choline content in other types of food is low (apart from caviar, brains and a few other rare foods). Those who do not eat 2 to 3 egg yolks per day + liver at least once a week, would barely reach even this 400 mg daily choline quantity. Appropriate choline intake is nonetheless important, as it contributes to proper digestion by producing stomach acid liver function homocysteine metabolism fat metabolism.

Our product contains choline in the form of so-called choline salt (choline-chloride), which we have selected because it is a well-utilized, stable form used also in a number of tests, and because it does not require any carrier substance besides water.

Recommended consumption: Consume 6 to 28 drops per day in one or several parts. Do not consume in undiluted form, always mix in liquid or food. Due to its salty flavour, it does not spoil the taste of the soup and can be used for cooking. On the other hand, if you consume more than a couple of drops at the same time, then it is recommended to drop it in a few sips of liquid and swallow it quickly between two bites of food, or before a delicious drink. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, we recommend 12 to 28 drops, if your diet is not rich in choline.

Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption! The dietary supplement does not replace a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

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