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GAL Vitamin A Drops 1000 IU X 960 servings

GAL Vitamin A Drops 1000 IU X 960 servings

GAL Vitamin A Drops, 1000 IU X 960 servings

The liver, as food is the richest natural source of Vitamin A, additionally it is also a true nutrient bomb.
Other excellent sources are steamed Beet and Pumpkin. (via Carotenes) which also contain many other nutrients. It is better to absorb our vitamin A from these natural sources.
Unfortunately, many have an aversion to consuming these Vitamin A foods, therefore our product is highly recommended as an excellent supplementary source, particularly if they are also taking vitamin D3.
Our recommendation is that the intake of vitamin A should be equal to, or if required, twice the IU (International Units) of vitamin D3 as normally consumed.

Recommended consumption for adults: Take 1 to 10 drops a day, depending on the vitamin A content of our nutrition and our vitamin D3 intake

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