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GAL Magnesium-L-lactate powder 180g (90 doses)

GAL Magnesium-L-lactate powder 180g (90 doses)

Magnesium-L-lactate powder (magnesium-L-lactate, 180g, 90 doses)

There are two forms of lactic acid: Lactic acid D and L. They convert into D and L lactate in the organism. The blood of healthy people contains almost only L-lactate, which is an important nutrient for both the heart and the brain. In our product magnesium is only present in a form bound to the L-form of lactic acid, which ensures not only better magnesium absorption, but also provides useful L-lactate without D-lactate. Furthermore, unless many other forms of magnesium, it does not make you susceptible to loose stool.

Recommended consumption: Take 2g (ca. 1 teaspoon) per day. preferably in two parts (especially if it would cause stool looser than usual). It can be mixed with any liquid; it is best to take with a meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption! The dietary supplement does not replace a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

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