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GAL Bovine Collagen Peptides Argentine 300g (30 doses)

GAL Bovine Collagen Peptides Argentine 300g (30 doses)

GAL Bovine Collagen Peptides Argentine – 300g

The most absorbable form of collagen is peptides which are ten times higher than regular collagen. Type 1 collagen.

In addition to the raw material from extremely gentle animal husbandry, GAL Bovine Collagen peptides are now characterized by superior properties, perfect solubility, neutral taste and flavour. The peptide size of GAL Bovine Collagen below 3000 Daltons ensures outstanding bioactivity and rapid and complete utilization in our body. In addition to the widespread support of our health, the daily consumption of our product made with new ingredients is as convenient as possible, the neutral, finely-grained powder can be easily mixed into all kinds of drinks or even foods without clumping. In order to achieve the effect expected from type I collagen, we still recommend taking 10 grams per day.


The beneficial effects of our Bovine Collagen and the physiological benefits of its consumption are no different from those of our porcine collagen. However, it is important to point out that our bovine collagen raw material comes exclusively from pasture-raised, grass-grazing cattle, and from gentle animal husbandry.


Recommended consumption for adults: 10g (1 heaped tablespoon.) 1 or two times per day. It is best consumed with breakfast and/or before going to bed. It can be mixed into any kind of liquid, even into a hot soup.

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17/03/2024 18:03
 - Fi Given
Very easy to blend this product. I mix it into my coffee & find it’s tasteless. Too early to report on results of consumption as yet. Super customer service from Gal. Very quick delivery!
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